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Man Guarding / Static Guarding Services

Star Security provides a comprehensive range of solutions to secure assets and people. Our experienced and NSI & SIRA-licensed guards and bouncers are trained to handle a variety of situations, resolving conflicts, acting and reacting in an emergency from crowd control to emergency response & evacuation. They are also equipped with customised training to suit the specific requirements of each customer, making them the perfect choice for concerts, events, VIP security operations, control room operations, building patrols, visitor management and more. Star Security is your reliable and integrated partner, providing on-the-spot protection against all risks.

At Star Security, we offer an integrated approach to security, combining physical, technical and manned guarding services to create comprehensive protective measures. Our tailor made solutions detect threats from a distance, deny threat avenues of approach and deter and defeat potential threats.

Our staff are highly experienced in conducting static security services, securing a vast range of sites from Governments to oilfields to remote locations.